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Research/Homework Help Links

A Web of Online Dictionaries:
Encyclopedia.Com: an online enclyclopedia
Bartlett's Quotations:
Homework Heaven: from 1st grade - college & beyond
BJ Pinchbeck Homework Help: all kinds of subjects
Roget's Thesaurus:
Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia: another great homework help page
Ask Dr. Math: Math help for K-12
Jiskha Homework Help:
Research Papers: get some help for your research papers
The Learning Center: high school - college
Research-It!: some of everything.....one of my favorites
Logos Dictionary: translates words and phrases into almost any language
Alta Vista Translator: translates to and from 6 languages
Electronic Library: access to magazines, newspapers, newswires, books, transcripts and maps
Encarta Online: encyclopedia
Guide to Grammar and Writing:
Biographies: biographies of the famous and infamous
Scopes Systems: choose any day in history
WWW Virtual Library: A listing of all museums around the world
Foreign Language for Travelers: over 70 languages
Biographical Dictionary: uses lots of different seach parameters
How far is it: find the exact distance between any 2 places in the world
The Farmer's Almanac: Learn about weather, history
The History Place: From the American Revolution on thru today
School Express: Free worksheets and educational software downloads
Egypt Index: everything about Egypt
LSU Library: a listing of all federal Govt. agencies url's
Internet Oracle: all kinds of homework help search engines
U.S. Societies & Associations:
Ancestry: look up your ancestry
RootsWeb: geneology
Bartleby: books, literature, verse online
Encyclopedia Mythica: an encyclopedia of mythology, folklore & legends
Encyclopedia of the Orient: North Africa and the Middle East
SOAR: Searchable Online Archive of Recipes
NYC Skyscrapers: Ever wonder what's inside NYC's skyscrapers?
The Virtual Medical Center: all kinds of medical information
Web MD: medical & insurance information
A Basic Guide to ASL: learn some sign language
AvatarSearch: search engine for the occult
The Shakespeare Homework Helper:
Lindsay's Shakespeare Gallery: pictures from and links to Shakespeare's plays
Essays for free: term papers, book reports, etc.
CIA The World Fact Book: maps and more.......
Just for Kids: homework helper links and more
KIDZ... Homework Helper Links:
The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology:
The Whitehouse website:
Newton's Apple: a teachers science guide
High School Hub: all kinds of information and links
Literary Resources:
Education Resources: Homework Help
Neuroscience for Kids: Learn all about the brain
Math Online: K-12 Ask a math question
A+ Math: homework help, flashcards and more for the younger math student
Math Homework Help: pre algebra thru calculus
All About College: links to thousands of colleges around the world
Fast Web: Search for a Scholarship
High School Chemistry: high school chemisty tutorials
The Chem Team: high school chemistry
E-Conflict World Encyclopedia: county information for countries around the world
Zoom Dinosaurs: everything you'd want to know about dinosaurs...for all ages
A Tourist's Guide to New York City:
puzz.com: puzzles, contests, trivia and games
Congressional E-Mail: your congressperson's email address
How Stuff Works: Have you ever wondered how ..............
ART...the masters Addio Gallery: The paintings of the Masters
Rhyme Zone: Put in a word and find a rhyming one

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